Be More Productive By Adding Small Habits!

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Have you embraced the new normal?

When the Corona Virus Pandemic hit, we were shocked, scared and disappointed.

Like everyone else, we didn’t know how long it would last.

One thing we knew is that we had no control over the pandemic or others’ behavior.

We only had control of protecting ourselves the best we could.

Since we were limited, we took advantage of this strange situation.

Instead of watching the upsetting news and hanging out on social media, we changed our mindset and focused our creative energy on productivity and learning.

Even though we missed our family, friends and going out, we chose to embrace our new normal and grow during this time!

Not only did we perform our normal existing daily habits and routines, we created new ones!

Why Focus on These Types of Things?

Because it feels better than worrying, feeling anxious or concentrating on negativity!

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Since a habit is a memorized behavior in the brain, it’s helpful to have many that run solely on auto-pilot, in order to focus on other things like creating new habits!

The easiest way to do this, is to connect them to ones that already exist, pair them up and make them part of a routine.

Pairing them requires no motivation and no set time.

Adding a brand new habit to an existing one may require a reminder for a few days.

New habits must start small, to get the momentum going, and then expanded once you’re used to the new action.

New habits can be performed after or before an existing habit.

I call them “AB” pairing habits.

A = After B = Before.

Here are a few examples of each:

  1. Before I brush my teeth, I puff the inhaler
  2. Before drinking tea, I view my to-do list
  3. After I put on my PJs, I set my clothes and make-up out for the next day
  4. Before taking the dog for a walk, we get her cookie ready
  5. Before I feed the cat at night, I set out breakfast items for the next day
  6. After I take my supplements, I’ll eat breakfast

push upsAB pairing habits occur daily, weekly, monthly or occasionally, depending on the situation.

Habits create structure in our day, which is crucial especially when working from home or retired.

It provides purpose and gives us a sense of control, and improves productivity, organization and focus.

I wrote about these types of things in my book “Get It Done” and there are other books on the subject of habits like Mini Habits, Atomic Habits, and Tiny Habits.

How many daily existing habits do you have?

Please leave comments!

TOPIC: Be More Productive By Adding Small Habits!

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