Coffee with Kim is a podcast for evolving empty nesters and childfree mid-lifers! Learn new tips and ideas, through inspiring conversations about friendships, personal development, self-care, longevity, and even healthy habits.


1. Finding Fun Friends

2. Friendship Coffee Pre Date Information

3. How to Make Friends

4. Long Term Friendships Part 1

5. Long Term Friendships Part 2

6. Long Term Friendships Part 3

7. How to Create a Successful Environment When Working at Home

8. Using Habits and Routines for Personal Life as well as Business

9. Why the Mind / Body Connection is Important

10. Why Healthy Nutrition is Important for Health and Wellness

11. The Journey from Ophthalmology to Functional Health and Movement Coaching

12. Let’s Talk About Complaining

13. Interview with Will Bowen About Why People Complain

14. How Physical Therapy Can Prevent Further Injuries and Improve Your Over All Health and Well Being!