9 Easy Ways To Replace A Mindless Eating Habit!

mindlessly eating popcorn

Mindless eating is “eating food without paying adequate attention to what and how much is being eaten” according to Weight Watchers.

Sound familiar?

I’ve been known to occasionally eat mindlessly, but I usually don’t because I’ll gain weight and feel less than energetic.

It’s not worth it.

Mindless eating is a bad habit and dangerous!

The calories can add up and put on the pounds!

Check out the video below:

9 Easy Ways To Replace A Mindless Eating Habit!

Exercise in the Morning!

Exercise daily at the same time no matter what, early in the morning works best because you are less likely to make excuses!

Many of us like to socialize or run errands later in the day and sometimes it feels like there’s no time to exercise.

Exercising in the morning frees you up to do those things without guilt!


Stay sociable and meet friends for coffee or a walk, there’s nothing like catching up with a friend!

Being socially connected is important for our mental and emotional health.

Did you know that connecting with friends may also boost your brain health and lower your risk of dementia” as quoted in Psychology Today.

Clear Clutter!

Clear the clutter in your home because clutter can cause negative feelings, which can cause you to feel like you need to eat.

If your home is cluttered and disorganized, it’s possible that your thoughts are in the same state.

People who live in cluttered homes experience higher levels of cortisol than average and cortisol can stall weight loss!

Organize Your Food!

Clean and organize your pantry and refrigerator and stock them with only things that you can eat, to avoid temptation.

Toss expired food and spices too!

Remove the junk food (chips, soda, processed foods) from your house and replace with healthy snacks.

Eat Mindfully!

Don’t sit in front of the TV with a a bag of anything.

A healthy diet includes healthy snacking (check out the health benefits of nuts), but that doesn’t mean consuming an entire bag of nuts or sweet potato chips.

Pay attention and eat mindfully!

Only eat at designated, pre-planned times.


Write in a journal daily, and get your feelings out of your head onto paper.

This works especially well before bed.

Fill your journal with thoughts and feelings, it’ll help you work through issues.

Maybe you’ll pinpoint the reason you mindless eat in the first place!


Throw yourself into a fun crafting or organizing project that you enjoy!

Rearrange home decor!

Start a blog about your mindless eating journey and help others!

Do something fun that you can focus on and help you mindfully live in the moment!

Assemble and Cook In Advance!

Plan and prepare healthy meals and snacks 24 hours – 5 days in advance.

Cooking in advance is a good habit that after a couple of times will become a routine! It keeps you from constantly having to think about food choices.

When dining out, decide what to eat in advance by looking at the menu online or calling the restaurant.

On vacation, assemble portion controlled meals and snacks and bring with you.

Create An Eating Schedule!

Stick to an eating schedule and create a healthy eating routine. Factors to consider are waking and bed times, and if you have a job, or have to be other places during the day.

Eat what you’ve prepared at the designated times you’ve set for yourself.

Stick to an eating schedule as if taking medication.

It works away from home too, just takes planning!

As you can see, my eating plan consists of three meals and four snacks a day and I eat at same times daily!

It’s helpful to drink a lot water each day as it keeps you full!

Again, if you find yourself mindless eating, stop yourself and find other activities to do.

I know it’s a struggle to pull away from the TV and snacks, but it’s tougher to take off the extra pounds! Right?

What type of activities would you do, to avoid mindless eating? 

Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: 9 Easy Ways To Replace A Mindless Eating Habit!

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  1. Andrew

    I love this post! I have a cookie problem that gets way worse if I’m watching something or using the computer. It’s gone and I didn’t even get to enjoy it as much. One of my favorite books is called Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink. There is some controversy related to his studies, but the take home message is to be mindful of food consumption like you’re described. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kim Gonzales

      Hi Andrew, glad you found the post helpful and thanks for the book recommendation! Kim

  2. Supriya Kutty

    Thanks for this awesome post. Now I can control my mindless eating and stay fit with your healthy tips and ideas. I would like to suggest it with my friends too. Keep sharing such interesting articles.

    • Kim Gonzales

      Hi there, glad you like the post. Hope you have your mindless eating under control now. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Teresa Tremble

    Oh my goodness, this is me to a tee! If I come home after work and relax on the sofa for even 5 minutes, I’ll sit there, watch tv and munch away all evening. So, immediately after arriving home I go right upstairs, get changed in to my workout clothes and hit the treadmill. It’s hard but once I’m in the routine it makes me have the willpower not to do any mindless eating.

    • Kim Gonzales

      Hi Teresa and thank you so much for the comment! I know how that could be, so you are right, it’s better to set up a routine like the treadmill right when you get home. When I worked at my office, I used to do the same thing. I did a full workout before anything else. Good for you and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  4. Casey Kings

    My mindless is eating late at night, when I’m reading. Have to have something in my mouth (or so I’m convinced) or I can’t turn the page.

    • Kim

      Hi Casey. So, you eat while reading, instead of just sitting in front of the TV! What’s your favorite mindless snack? Thanks for the comment! Kim

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