Choosing Empowering Language can Transform your Reality!

words have power

I was listening to a podcast episode of “I Hear You” and the subject was about empowering language.

We all know people that use the word “hate” about many things they talk about.

We also hear people call themselves “stupid” or “old”.

Putting ourselves down or saying we hate things, is disempowering!

In the podcast, Michael Sorensen discussed thoughts that are commonly used, such as:

Made Me
By saying that someone “made us” do things, it suggests others control our mind and thoughts, which is not true. Only we are in charge of our own mind and thoughts.
Example: She made me angry, she made me upset.
Replacement thoughts: I feel angry, or I feel upset!

Didn’t Have Time
We all have the same 24 hours in day. It’s not that we don’t have time, it’s that we choose to spend our time doing something else.
Example: I didn’t have time to do the dishes last night
Replacement thoughts: I chose not to do the dishes or I didn’t make time, or I chose to spend time on something else.

I Should or I Need To
When we say we “should” do something, there’s an implication that it’s not going to happen. Example: I should do the dishes.
Replacement thought: I will do the dishes, I choose to do the dishes, I won’t do the dishes or I choose not to do the dishes.

I Will Try
When we say we will try, we are claiming zero responsibility if whatever it is, doesn’t get done.
Example: I will try to do the dishes after dinner.
Replacement thought: I will do the dishes or I won’t do the dishes.

Always or Never
When we use the words always or never, it make’s it absolute and can put another person on the defensive.
Example: She never does the dishes or she always does the dishes.
Replacement thought: She frequently does the dishes or she rarely does the dishes.

Empowering language allows us to come from a place of abundance, not a place of lack.

Say This Instead!

Christy Whitman has a great 30-day training that breaks the chains on the language patterns that keep us from success called Watch Your Words which I found so helpful!

Spending time speaking negatively creates negative energy.

We create more of what we don’t want by the statements that we express.

Statements like “I hate” or “I’m confused” or “I’m overwhelmed” create more hate, more confusion and more feeling of overwhelm.

Complaining has the Same Effect.

Many times we think negative thoughts about certain circumstances.

If we take it one step further, and verbalize our negative “thought” about the circumstance to another person, that’s complaining!

Complaining lowers the vibration in your body.

Of course, we are human and have all been guilty of complaining, and here’s a little trick I learned.

Each time you catch yourself complaining, add the word “and” to shift your energy to a solution, or a gratitude.  “My husband’s ham radios are noisy and I’m so grateful that he’s in my life”.

Our words carry energy and can inspire and empower us.

A good habit is to surround ourselves with positive words to remind us of our intention of living happier and more fulfilling lives.

This takes daily practice to shift the way you speak, and so worth it.

What are your favorite empowering statements?  Please share! 

TOPIC: Choosing Empowering Language can Transform your Reality!

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