9 Helpful Ways To Think Like a Contrarian!

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A contrarian is defined as “a person who deliberately behaves in a way that is different from the people around them“.

This means doing things at a time when the rest of the world is not doing the same thing.

Why wait until after work or on weekends to get things done?

Save Time Before Work!

Once a week, I used to meet my husband at the gas station to fill up our cars before work.

We called it our “get gas” date.

Early in the morning, the gas station wasn’t crowded and there were no lines.

After we filled up, we kissed goodbye and followed each other onto the freeway, and headed to work.

Being the contrarian that I am, I used to grocery shop before work too.

Going grocery shopping in the early morning saves time as it’s not crowded and the shelves are fully stocked!

I was in and out quickly and still made it to work on time removing that task from my to-do list!

The groceries stayed in my car all day and the few items that needed refrigeration, went into our company frig until the end of the day.

The book “Time Tactics of Very Successful People“ describes helpful ways to manage time by planning ahead and streamlining processes.

Here are 9 helpful ways to practice self-care, save time and think like a contrarian:

1. In hotels, take advantage of auto-checkout instead of standing in long lines.
2. Create checklists.
3. Don’t wait to purchase holiday gifts during the holidays, buy them beforehand.
4. Dine in restaurants before crowds arrive.
5. Drive to work during non-peak hours.
6. Create routines.
7. Avoid procrastination.
8. Develop survival skills if you are absent minded.
9. During a long commute, listen to educational and motivational books.

Check out the video talking about how I discovered the book:

Want another great tip?

If you can’t do grocery shopping before work when the store is less crowded, another great time to go is 10 or 15 minutes before the store closes, it’s less crowded as well.

Thinking like a contrarian is a helpful habit to have!

Are you a contrarian?

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Topic: 9 Helpful Ways To Think Like a Contrarian!

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