12 Ways to Prepare For Company!

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Between family events and holidays, there are many opportunities to host house guests.

If you have a spare bedroom/guest room, a good habit to start each time you know company is coming, is to prepare so they are comfortable.

Preparing in advance for company is a good way to practice your own self-care and save time, because you never know what can happen last minute right before the guest arrives.

Think of what a hotel might provide for a nice stay.

If you are expecting a guest or two, here are 12 ways you can prepare with these guest room musts.

  1. Change the bedding.
  2. Clean and sanitize the guest bath, and hang fresh clean bath and hand towels.
  3. Provide extra TP.
  4. Make space in the closet and drawers.
  5. Provide toiletries such as shaving cream, shampoo, razors, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.
  6. Place bottled water, a clock and tissue on a bed table.
  7. Supply extra blankets.
  8. Put phone charger near the bed and provide wireless password.
  9. Place a non-slip rug next to bed.
  10. Put a flashlight next to bed or in drawer. 
  11. Keep a blow dryer under sink.
  12. Provide space for a suitcase.

Ask about food allergies and stock the refrigerator with healthy items.

If eating out is the preference for some meals, make reservations!

Southern Living says that “The trick is making sure they don’t feel bored but do feel relaxed. You’ll want to make them feel at home, but also taken care of“.

Make sure your guests feel at home and welcome!

For an added touch, place a mint on the pillow!

How do you prepare for company? Please leave a comment!

TOPIC: 12 Ways to Prepare For Company!

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