Coaching Program


1:1 coaching

An important part of self-care and healthy living, is taking care of our emotions and minds with the same diligence we take care of our bodies!

The mind body connection is important, that’s why a poor mindset, consuming junk food, drugs and alcohol, and lack of exercise, greatly impacts well-being and can manifest into disease.

Many people say they want to have a healthy mind and body, yet spend time:

  • Controlling or judging others 
  • Wasting time on social media
  • Focusing on what they don’t have and don’t want
  • People pleasing and setting boundaries
  • Eating unhealthy food
  • Feeling stuck in worry, overwhelm and confusion
  • Filling calendars with the unnecessary
  • Keeping busy to avoid emotions
  • Living and working in cluttered spaces
  • Showing up as victims, blaming others, and making excuses

Enter Coaching…

Coaching provides a safe environment to show you your mind, behavior and results, where there’s potential for awareness to surface.

I offer a supportive space, and don’t give advice, or administer therapy.

I’ll ask questions to help define your vision, and use tools and processes to guide you to discover what’s possible.

We coaches don’t have the answers to your problems, because the answers are already within you.

We look at your current thoughts and behaviors that impact the present, and help you define what you want your future to look like.

Before entering into a coaching relationship it’s important to talk about your vision during a discovery call.

I’ll ask a few questions that evoke insight and we’ll go from there. We’ll discuss where you are, where you want to be and how I can guide you there.

Benefits of coaching!

Coaching can help with communication skills, improved self-confidence and more meaningful relationships.

You may also gain new perspectives, have a heightened sense of self-awareness and decreased amount of stress and worry!

Introducing the “Get Unstuck” Coaching Program!

If you’re tired of feeling stuck, I can help!

Through self-awareness and conscious effort, you can change your perspective to be more flexible.

I motivate clients to:

  • Become more self-aware
  • Manage thoughts on anxiety, worry, stress, and judgement
  • Create meaningful relationships
  • Quit people pleasing
  • Practice self-care and avoid controlling others
  • Complain less and focus on solutions

Client Love

Kim Gonzales is a fantastic coach! I’ve always struggled with having structure and consistency in my life. Kim helped me create small, easy habits for my mornings and evenings that are now so routine that I do them without thinking about them, which frees up my mind and my time for more important things. She’s helped me build a strong foundation that has reduced stress in my day-to-day personal and professional life and I now have the time to focus on and complete projects that are important to me. Kim holds you accountable to goals you set in a kind, motivating way. I’ve loved working with her and am grateful for her wisdom and positive impact on my life.”
– JE

When I first met Kim, I instantly knew that she was easy to talk to. During our very first session, she had me really exploring issues that I have buried deep down because let’s face it, I am a mom and wife, and we never get to think about our own needs. Turns out, I was holding myself back from many things, health wise and my small business. I made excuses to help everyone else but myself. With Kim’s help, she made me realize that I needed to focus on “me” and not the people around me all the time. She has encouraged me to make those little baby steps and I now see firsthand that they actually can change your life! I am now more productive in my business and my family life. Thank you Kim for teaching me to focus on myself more!”
– AF

The Get Unstuck Coaching Package Includes:

  • One 120 minute Zoom session
  • Voxer access
  • One 30 minute follow up Zoom check in call – two weeks after initial session
  • Personalized exercises to expand self awareness
  • Helpful tools you can implement right away

If you’re feeling stuck and ready to create real changes, let’s chat!

Schedule a discovery call today!